Reliable processes for exact, dynamic, and efficient production

Reliable mastery of highly complex milling and turning processes creates a clear competitive advantage. Machine tools equipped with controls, encoders, and drive technology from HEIDENHAIN provide the ideal technological underpinnings for this mastery. At EMO 2019, we’ll be showing this to you in live demonstrations and presentations.

Keep an eye on your NC program and production jobs side by side

The new TNC 640 with a 24-inch widescreen and Extended Workspace Compact features a divided screen for two work areas, allowing you to display additional applications alongside the control screen. You benefit from a particularly user-friendly workstation that enables you to digitally organize your production jobs right on the control.

Everything about Extended Workspace Compact 

Intelligent control technology that makes things move with process reliability

At EMO, HEIDENHAIN will be unveiling its new Gen 3 drive. It is a perfectly harmonious, self-contained system based on particularly innovative and forward-looking technologies.

Machine manufacturers and users will benefit from its cutting-edge interface technology, improved performance specifications, and increased control capability. The Gen 3 drive technology thus ensures high availability and machining quality  with short production times.

+ Maximum performance
+ Intelligent transmission technology
+ Powerful diagnostics
+ Convenient mounting and connectivity

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Greater reliability with less cost and effort:
Intelligent data management in automated manufacturing

At the “mav industrie 4.0 area,” HEIDENHAIN will be partnering with OPS-Ingersoll and Haimer to provide live demonstrations of just how reliable, efficient, and flexible a digitally networked production environment can be. Along with job data, special focus will be placed on the exchange of tool data among the following production nodes:

  • Eagle V5 milling center with a TNC 640 control and Batch Process Manager
  • Tool presetter
  • Shrink-fit device
  • Tool cabinet
  • Job planning
  • Part programming
  • Machining simulation

Batch Process Manager: plan the production sequence in advance

StateMonitor: collect, evaluate and visualize machine data

The HIGH SPEED EAGLE V5 from OPS-Ingersoll

Tool-focused system solutions from HAIMER

The club for end users

At the TNC Club, CNC experts will find support and solution-oriented answers to any and all questions surrounding TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN, such as:

  • Which new control functions do you need?
  • How can we support you with apprentice-level and advanced vocational training?

As a member, you can help steer the club’s range of offerings. You also benefit from regional user training courses, course discounts, events, and workshops. Our tailored offerings will make you even more familiar with and well-versed in using your TNC control.

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An encoder solution for any rotary axis

For high-accuracy position measurement on machine tools, closed-loop control through linear encoders is already a well-known solution. At this EMO, we’ll be focusing on the importance of having the right angle encoder. HEIDENHAIN and AMO will be showcasing solutions for any rotary axis:

  • Optical angle encoders of the type RCN 2001 now offer even greater system accuracy and a higher maximum rotational speed. Enhanced temperature monitoring capabilities improve process reliability.
  • The new generation of modular, optical ERA angle encoders is now also equipped with the HEIDENHAIN HSP 1.0 signal-processing ASIC, which succeeds in nearly perfectly compensating for the variations in signal amplitude that arise from interference.
  • The WMKA modular scale-tape solution from AMO, for particularly large diameters and safety-related applications, is now also available with EnDat and DRIVE-CLiQ interfaces.

A demonstration unit equipped with four different angle encoders will illustrate the influence of the scanning principle on the dynamics and accuracy of rotary axes. It will also show the system architecture for the digital temperature monitoring of an ETEL torque motor.

The perfect combination for high-end rotary axes

With its TMB and TMK series torque motors, ETEL will be presenting high-torque systems for machine tools. Their are their strengths:

  • Cogging-free design
  • Optimum speed stability
  • Exceptionally high control quality

In conjunction with HEIDENHAIN measurement technology, these systems are the perfect combination for high-end rotary axes thanks to their following advantages:

  • Excellent dynamic accuracy
  • High rotational speeds and torques
  • Perfectly tuned diagnostics

ETEL torque motors and more

Exciting machine-building careers at EMO 2019

Once again at EMO, students will be able to acquire first-hand information about the various career paths within the machine-building industry. In a small, self-designed process chain, apprentices from various companies, including HEIDENHAIN, will be demonstrating the production of a miniature race car.

Under competent guidance at 17 stations, students will have a chance to do the following:

  • Gather information and components for the race car
  • Experience how the parts are manufactured
  • Assemble the entire car

When the day is over, participants will return home from EMO with more than a just a race car as a souvenir: they will have gained hands-on insight into the exciting work and responsibilities of the various career paths, and hopefully decide in favor of a machine-building apprenticeship.

Apprentice training at HEIDENHAIN

Young Talent Foundation for Mechanical Engineering

HEIDENHAIN is a umati partner

Digital networking and the opportunities it provides for machine data acquisition, equipment monitoring, and process monitoring require universal, standardized interfaces. Monitoring solutions, such as the StateMonitor software, reach their full potential and are readily connectable only when standardized information can be exchanged between participants across systems. That’s why HEIDENHAIN supports the umati interface project from the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association).

Dr. Jan Braasch, Senior Executive Director of Marketing and Product Management at DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH says, “As a manufacturer of controls and encoders, HEIDENHAIN welcomes the VDW initiative and supports the umati project. At EMO, we will give a live demonstration of how umati is used to connect machine tools to the StateMonitor software from HEIDENHAIN.”

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