Connected Machining – Networked production live at the EMO

As part of the "industry 4.0 area" in Hall 25, Booth B60 HEIDENHAIN shows how Connected Machining can look in real production. Here's a typical small company with

  • a machine tool
  • a TNC 640 control
  • a CAM system
  • a virtual machine tool
  • tool presetting
  • a tool database

All stations are networked over HEIDENHAIN DNC and the Remote Desktop Manager. The StateMonitor software generates a real-time view of the machine status and can send messages to defined recipients, e.g. if tool age has reached a critical value and it is detected in the NC program.

The result is a seamlessly digital, paper-free production environment in which, from construction to ready-to-dispatch components, all members in the process chain have access to the requisite data for optimizing all steps in the production process.   

Our networked production – an overview

The announcement in "mav"

The technology partners

HEIDENHAINTNC 640 control and Connected Machining
ZOLLERTool presetter and tool database
HEDELIUSMachining center